DIY Foil Easter Eggs
source: suzyssitcom.com

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Easter is only three days away so if you don’t have an Easter egg coloring plan in place then it’s time to get one. And here’s a great idea to inspire your egg coloring creativity: foil Easter eggs! It’s a really fun, easy, and creative way to decorate your eggs.

These wonderful foil Easter eggs are the work of Suzy from suzyssitcom.com. They’re brilliantly creative and simply beautiful. All you need is some aluminum foil and paint, then go crazy on them. I love how they shine. And what I love even more is that there’s no dye directly on the egg. I know food coloring is supposed to be safe, but my personal feeling is that if you can avoid the artificial stuff then all the better.

Anywho, for full details on the wonderful Easter eggs, check out the Easy Foil Covered Easter Eggs DIY Tutorial.

And if you’re still looking for more ideas, then check all these out…


DIY Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

diy crayon easter eggs 2
source: sasinteriors.net


Ukranian Egg Coloring Tutorial

source: susanbenarcik.wordpress.com
source: susanbenarcik.wordpress.com


How To Make Gradient Colored Easter Eggs

image credit: dumpaday.com
image credit: dumpaday.com


How To Make String Easter Eggs

string easter egg


How To Make Hello Kitty Easter Eggs

source: mommybrainreports.com
source: mommybrainreports.com


Deviled Egg Chicks Recipe

Deviled Egg Chicks Recipe
Deviled Egg Chicks Recipe


And finally, you’re going to need some Easter Bunny Rolls to go with all those eggs…

easter-bunny-shaped rolls-recipe



~ Jenise

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