source: susanbenarcik.wordpress.com

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Look at all the pretty colors. This egg coloring technique is called pysanky. Pysanky is a traditional Ukrainian egg decorating technique that uses wax to help create the designs and is drawn on in multiple layers during the egg coloring process.

Looks hard, huh? Well, I’ll give you the quick and snappy low down on the technique, then you decide… You start with a stylus type tool, a kistka, which uses wax to draw an initial layer of your design onto the egg (image 1). Then dip the egg in your first color which is often yellow since you want the lightest colors to go first — unless you’re not using yellow in your design. Then dip into another color…obviously (image 2). The egg will take the color everywhere except where the wax was drawn, which will remain white. Next draw the second layer of your design with your kistka and then dip the egg in the next color, say orange. Now the you have the first two colors of your design from these first two layers covered: white & yellow. Then you continue repeating this process with continually darker colors until your design is complete. (Images 3, 4, & 5) I bet this isn’t sounding so complicated after all.

source: susanbenarcik.wordpress.com
source: susanbenarcik.wordpress.com


So, right about now I’m guessing you’re thinking, “that doesn’t sound too hard.. but, hmm,  how am I supposed to come up with those amazing designs?” Well, I’ve got an answer for that too… You don’t have to. The tutorial that I’m linking you to has tons of design templates (from beginner to way-to-advanced-for-me-to-consider-in-this-lifetime) that will take you step by step through the coloring process and will explain everything to the last detail….

source: learnpysanky.com
source: learnpysanky.com


So, now I bet you’re saying, “Pretty cool. I think I can do that.” Well, I think you can, too. So follow the link below for the full tutorial on how to create your own amazing pysanky colored eggs and then have a holly jolly Xmas… oops, wrong holiday…and a happy Easter.

Link ==> LearnPysanky.com: Getting Started Making Pysanky



~ Jenise

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