When Mason, from aboutgoodness.com, first decided she was going to give new life to an old thrift store lamp, she had no plan for what she was going to do. All she knew was that she wanted to play with color, use shiny things (me love shiny things!), and let her imagination soar. Then, as she started adding bits and pieces of various repurposed materials to the lamp shade, she started wondering if she was going too over the top and wasting her time on this “crazy” lamp.

Thankfully, she did “waste her time.” If she hadn’t, I wouldn’t be able to share this wonderful piece of art with you. And, yes, it is a piece of art.

source: aboutgoodness.com

Her materials were all things she had laying around, like Christmas garland and beads. Then she crocheted decorative elements to add to the piece (Now I wish I knew how to crochet!) and put it all together for this wonderfully unique boho style lamp/art/everyone’s jealous of me display piece.

Follow link below for full details of how Mason created her masterpiece and how you can too…

[Feb 18, 2016 Update: It looks like the link below is no longer working. :-(  My sincere apologies. I will let you know if the link comes back up. So sorry.]

Link ==> http://aboutgoodness.com/how-to-make-unique-lampshade-diy-tutorial/


~ Jenise

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