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  1. We have a really bad looking concrete floor which is now indoors (it was floor of carport) as my craft space and laundry. The floor has cracks and is uneven all over, and needs to be sealed. Is there a tutorial for concrete floors — I really like the look of the blue floor.

    • Hi Lynne,
      I do have a tutorial on using concrete tiles HERE and a tutorial on filling in concrete cracks HERE. If you need to resurface the entire floor, I’d look for a self-leveling concrete like this one HERE.

  2. hi

    i have a wood countertop vanity in my washroom and now its all damaged. any helpful tips you can help me to replace the top? the cabinet is still good i can just stain it. saw your make over in your parents washroom is concrete possible for the wood? i really appreciate your reply


    • Hi Ann, I don’t recommend doing concrete over wood because the wood will absorb water from the wet concrete which can affect the strength properties of the concrete once it’s dry. If you want to sand and re-stain the wood, be sure to apply a few coats of polyurethane over the finished wood so it doesn’t get water damaged.

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