Hobby Lobby IdeasI stopped in to Hobby Lobby yesterday to quickly pick up a $4 item that I needed for a project. Ninety minutes later I was walking out to my car. Yes, NINETY MINUTES LATER! I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I have an addiction to craft stores. I am proud to say, however, that while it took a bit of self control, I did only walk out with the item I needed. Although there may have been some shaky hands and sweat involved because for me a trip to Hobby Lobby is as dangerous as leaving some ladies alone in the shoe department at Nordstrom. (Confession…I might be one of those ladies too.) Luckily, will power won out…this time.

Here’s the thing about stopping into a craft store, simply strolling through the aisles gives me brilliant (at least to me) ideas and inspirations because I often come across interesting products that I never even knew existed. For instance, a previous stroll through Hobby Lobby led me to the discovery of glue gun glue for fabric which is flexible and washable. Having discovered that, I was able to come up with making my No-Sew Drop Cloth Headboard Slip Cover With Rosettes, which I totally love.

DIY No-sew drop cloth rosette headboard slip cover

I also wouldn’t have discovered the paint pens that I used for my Song Lyric Wall Art.

DIY Lyric wall art

Nor would I have been inspired to make my own Fabric Storage Boxes after seeing that Hobby Lobby’s large fabric boxes cost $29.99 each (Oye!).

How To Make DIY Fabric covered storage boxes

Can you tell from those three projects that I’m also having an obsession with drop cloth too?

Anyways, perhaps I was lying when I said that I left Hobby Lobby with only my $4 item because the truth is I also left with some new project ideas and inspirations. So I today I thought I’d share some of the fun stuff I saw on my visit and hopefully you’ll be struck with some brilliant DIY inspiration too. So on to the fun stuff!

I need a lamp for the guest room, so I popped into the lighting aisle and this caught my eye…


Hobby Lobby


I actually already have an idea of what I’m going to use for the lamp base. The thing that caught my eye about these lamps was the treatment of the lamp shade. I really like both the shape of the shade and how the fabric folds and twists around it. I might try to replicate this when making my own.

This lamp shade also caught my eye…


Hobby Lobby


It’s a bit frilly for me, but it’s also interesting and I could possibly use this technique on something else. The shade design is made with thin ribbon that is attached in flower patterns. It was one of those things that I just had to go over and touch.

This lamp was really interesting too…


Hobby Lobby


And what about these…


Hobby Lobby

If you ran wiring through them, I think they’d make gorgeous sconces. The white one would look amazing hanging on both sides of the guest bed.

Or perhaps wire one of these lanterns to sit on the night stand…


Hobby Lobby

Or this lantern…


Hobby Lobby


It would also make a fun terrarium.

I also thought of wiring one of these humungous vases for a floor lamp…


Hobby Lobby

Than I came across all these gorgeous colorful glass bottles…


Hobby Lobby


Not sure what I’d do with them, but they were sure perdy.

Then there are the clocks…


Hobby Lobby


I LOVE humungaloid (not really a word) clocks! That big blue one would look so cool hanging over a fireplace mantle.

These were really pretty too…


Hobby Lobby


Only last week I hung this Clock & Frame Gallery at Ma & Pa’s house…


DIY Clock and Frame Gallery


…so I have to admit that I am a bit obsessed with both clocks and frames at the moment.

So when I saw this shabby frame…


Hobby Lobby

…it was love at first site.

I also fell in love with this mirror…


Hobby Lobby


I don’t really have a place for it, but I’m sure I could find one if you twisted my arm.

This cupcake tray is just plain cute…


Hobby Lobby

…and would be a fun addition to a lovely countertop vignette.

These subway art signs also pulled me in…


Hobby Lobby


One of those would make for a fun and easy DIY afternoon.

So that’s about it. Hope some of these finds lead you to some fun DIY inspiration!

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  1. Only thing about HL is it’s not just a craft store, it’s got all those yummy house things too. Oh how i drool when I go in there. No five minutes for me, it’s at least an hour, or more like 2. So much to see in such a huge store. I have to check out that fabric hot glue, right away.
    I love all those gorgeous glass bottles, too much, been weakness for me since childhood. Only buy one or two when they’re on sale or have my coupon handy. I stay away from those lamps, too tempting. Just way too much yummy in that place, good thing we live far enuf away so I can’t just drop in for few minutes. lol. yeah right. Great post Happy weekend

    • You crack my up JaneEllen! I know, I love all the home accessories too. So fun, but must make sure I don’t have to be anywhere for a while if I’m dropping in there. Lol.

  2. I love Hobby Lobby! My husband and I can’t go in there without coming out with something. You are so right a great place to get inspiration. They have tons of awesome home decor.
    The other day we came out with a rustic lantern that’s going to look great after we wire it to go in our den we are remodeling. Thanks for sharing

    • Thank you Linda! Completely agree. I’m also thinking about getting one of their cool lanterns and wiring it also!

  3. yep, I’m a HL addict! I have to have a fix every so often and 90 minutes is good~ and you have to look around to see the new stuff and things you never heard of that will change your life!! Thanks for the shopping trip!

    • Thank you so much Tracy. That’s very thoughtful of you to say. …and must plan plenty of extra time when visiting any craft store. :-)

  4. Oh my WORD! I love HL…There is on very close to my office, and I spend many a lunch hour there…..There is so much to look at, so much inspiration to be found there for sure! Yours has some really fun things that I have not seen at mine! Thank you for sharing at Party in Your PJS!

    • I know Kim! It’s a dangerous store to be in. Self control is a must when visiting. But yes, a walk-through always gets my wheels spinning. :-)

  5. I haven’t shopped Hobby Lobby since I lived in Colorado and had one close by. I miss it but am saving a bunch of money, lol. Just so hard to resist so many cute items.

  6. There is some great stuff there. Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream’s City of Links last Friday! I appreciate you taking the time to party with me. Hope to see you again this week :)

  7. I love hobby lobby my hubby will not hardly ever go in there with me because he says I have to look at and touch everything lol but I do love it and I do get inspired I have recently started crafting a good bit i started making some burlap wreaths and want to learn to make other ones also talking about the signs you took a picture of I recently bought a scroll saw to cut out wood designs and all but I would love to make a sign with letters like that does hobby lobby have several different stencils to use on them so I could paint the letter rather than cut them with a cricut? I have been meaning to look but always forget my friends and I are starting our on craft night to spend time together making things and signs are our next project so any tips or ideas would be awesome thank you!! Oh and thanks for showing me those lanterns that is such a great idea to put by the bed I think that will be the next project!!! if you happen to do that please post and show how you did!! Thanks again

    • Ha ha, that’s so funny about your husband! That’s so much fun to do craft nights with your friends! My friends aren’t really into making stuff, so I’m kind of on my own. But that’s okay. I love doing it anyway. I will definitely post if I do the lanterns. Although, for me I’d much prefer to find some inexpensive garage sale lanterns and then fix them up, than purchasing new. I don’t know if that’s weird or not, but I sort of get a thrill out of doing it that way. :-)

  8. Jenise

    You are not weird. Then again who says weird is bad? Haha. Like you I. O. My own when it comes to crafting. My sisters just shake their head when I pick up an item – could be anything-and ask “hmmmm what could I make out of this?” Then I see someone on pinterest run with it and then I wonder why didn’t I think of that?

    Keep crafting!!


  9. Until earlier this month the closest HL from me was a mere 45 minute drive. At the beginning of each month my friend and I would make are routine trip to go to Sam’s, Target and of course Hobby Lobby. (We would spend the entire drive catching up on the happening of the last month and the going one of our family.) To which we would send out a text to our friends going to Norman, anyone need anything? As all our friends understood was code for going to HL, taking orders!! As I said until earlier this month, when they opened a new HL, just a few miles from our town. I have actually made it in there once, as nice as it is to have a HL in the near by town, I hope we don’t lose our girls trip to Norman.

    • I love that Rhoni Ann! But you still have Sams Club and I know I can definitely get lost in there for a while checking out everything! I usually go to Sam’s with my brother because he has a membership and he always has to drag me out. :-) Of course, it’s dangerous how much you can spend there.

  10. So funny ladies, I am pretty fortunate my hubby is a programmer at HL in OKC where it seems like they have miles and miles of warehouses. Since he works there we get an extra 15% off the top of our purchases….in heaven over this except right now my husband has me on a hiatus on shopping there…bummer:(

  11. You have some lovely ideas here! I’ve just found your blog, and love this post. Are there any follow up posts where you actually did any of these projects? I’d love to see them.

    • Thanks so much MomInHighHeels! My visits to Hobby Lobby always spur new ideas. I have so many planned projects on my list and that list is always changing, so I’m not sure I’ve gotten to any of these. Instead, I’ve been working on some bigger projects like THIS Bathroom update and THIS kitchen update at my cousin’s home, along with many other. But my hobby lobby ideas are still on the list!

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