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Halloween craft DIY Concrete Tombstone

It's that time of year when all things frightful come creeping, crawling, slithering, and squirming out of every dark corner. Not only is Halloween right around the corner, but next week is the season premier of Walking Dead! I've been waiting for this for MONTHS!

So with all the fun scary stuff going on, I got my DIY groove on and jumped on board. You all know how much I love working with concrete/cement, with all its endless possibilities. Well my latest concrete project is a DIY concrete tombstone. And this is just about the easiest DIY project you'll come across. Read More...

11 Incredible Kids Playhouses Under The Stairs

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When I was a kid we would throw a blanket over a table and claim the space as a clubhouse or fort. And whenever some family on the block bought a new refrigerator …oh, I can hardly breath thinking {continue reading...}

How To Transform A TV Cabinet Into A Kid’s Playhouse

diy entertainment center playhouse 2

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If you were once a little girl or you have a little girl, then you know how little girls like to play house. And if you’re anything like me when I was a kid (or even now), then you want your own stuff to play house with. {continue reading...}

DIY Barefoot Baby Sandals

barefoot baby sandals 3

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If you’ve got the pitter patter of little baby feet in your home, then you definitely need to make those little tootsie ten times cuter (if that’s even possible) with these adorable DIY barefoot baby sandals. These {continue reading...}

DIY Garden Treasure Mason Jars

diy garden treasure mason jars

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Like pallets, mason jars seem to have 101 millions uses. For instance, a while back I featured this really fun transformation of an old light fixture turned country chic by the addition of mason jars.

Then I found a completely {continue reading...}

DIY Rubics Cube Dresser

diy rubics cube dresser

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Remember the iconic Rubics Cube? I might be aging myself by asking that question, but when I was little there wasn’t a kid on the block without one. And the one who could solve the Rubics Cube the fastest, if at all, {continue reading...}

DIY Melted-Bead Sun Catcher & Coasters

how to make diy pony bead sun catcher

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Imagine these beautiful sun catchers hanging on your front porch catching the morning light and refracting a stream of colors. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore. These beautiful sun catchers are so easy to create. {continue reading...}