source: sasinteriors.net
source: sasinteriors.net

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Easter is less than two weeks away which means we’re deep into egg coloring season. I remember when I was a kid we always used the good old egg coloring standby: PAAS. But now there are so many options to do your own creative egg coloring. A great example is using crayons to create gorgeous and unique designs. The key is that the heat from boiling causes the crayon designs that you create to melt onto the crayon. So you can make beautiful eggs like no other. Want to learn how? You can learn how to make your very own melted crayon eggs with this amazing tutorial…

Tutorial => Creating Colorful Easter Eggs with Melted Crayons Tutorial

And if you want to add an Easter Egg surprise inside your egg, then check out How To Scramble An Egg Inside Its Shell

source: youtube.com
source: youtube.com


Happy Easter! Enjoy!


~ Jenise

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