diy pallet table
source: overthinkingdesign.com

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Here is a new twist in pallet furniture. Actually, it’s a turn not a twist. I mean, the way the boards are turned sideways to create this beautiful do it yourself pallet table. Instead of laying the boards flat, the folks over at overthinkingdesign.com turned the boards sideways for a unique striped look. I love how it shows off the different colors. Simply gorgeous. To find out more about this wonderful DIY pallet table, check out the Table Made From Pallets tutorial!


Then take a look at these other fun DIY pallet ideas…

DIY Pallet Swing Bed

diy pallet swing bed
source: themerrythought.com


DIY Pallet Floors – WOW!

diy pallet floor
source: abuildingweshallgo.blogspot.com


DIY $20 Pallet Wall….Gorgeous!

DIY pallet wall
source: cape27blog.com


Super Easy DIY Pallet Shelf

diy pallet shelf
source: domesticdoozie.blogspot.com


~ Jenise

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