source: themerrythought.com
source: themerrythought.com

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I always thought a hammock would be cool to have, but now I take that back. This baby’s got nothing on a hammock! You know you want one.

So what will this swinging pallet bed put you back? Hardly anything because pallets are free! Big stores are always getting rid of them. Check your local Costco or Walmart. They’ll have a ton in the back. Then all you’ll need are some tools, screws, an old mattress or futon, and a really comfy pillow. You’ll be able to get up bright and early on a Saturday morning and immediately move from your indoor bed to your outdoor one. Just don’t forget to put up the ‘Please Don’t Disturb’ sign.

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Link=> http://themerrythought.com/diy/diy-pallet-swing-bed/

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