balloon glow-stick pool lantern
balloon glow-stick pool lantern

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DIYs don’t get any easier than this, so here ya go… Blow up a balloon. Stick a glow-stick in it. Done. What’d I tell ya? The weight of the glow stick will be just heavy enough so the balloons won’t be blowing away.

And if you’re looking for more outdoor lighting ideas, I’ve got ’em for you. Check these out…

Here’s some Starry Tin Can Lanterns made from old cans…

source: diydecorcrafts.blogspot.com
source: diydecorcrafts.blogspot.com


…and here’s a Beautiful Easy DIY Outdoor Chandelier

source: allthingsheartandhome.com
source: allthingsheartandhome.com 


~ Jenise

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