DIY Bob Marley Cord Storage
source: pinterest.com

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This is just about the most stupendously cool thing I’ve seen in like forever! Or, well, at least since the DIY Iron Man Suit

diy ironman suit
Ironman Suit


Possibly the DIY Porsche, too. But for me, the Ironman suit totally blew me away.

how to make a porsche
source: 911.nation


But my Rastafarian friend cord storage is simply brilliant and whoever came up with it (I don’t know who because there was no source to the picture I found on Pinterest) is a super cool creative genius. Now, this probably doesn’t need to be said, but the how-to is to simply hang the Wailer on the wall, place a long nail, screw or hook above it, then hang his dreds. Or, I mean, your cords. You’ll have the most cool cord storage in the entire universe — or galaxy, even — and your friends will think YOU are the creative genius!

And with that, I say may all our futures be rightousness.

Cheers my friends!

~ Jenise

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