how to remove stains from anything
source: U of I Extension

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Book mark this page right now because I promise you you will want to come back to it again and again! What I have here is the most comprehensive stain removing list in the entire world. Seriously. There are 200 stain removing solutions. Anything you can think of, it’s got it. It’s got stain removing solutions for oils, grass, iodine, grease, wine, lipstick, perspiration, rust…. There’s even a stain remover for dyes and ink, for pete’s sake. I didn’t even know you could get that stuff out. The stain remover solutions come from the University of Illinois so you know they work.

So check out this amazing removing guide here =>>

==>> Stain Removing Solutions from U of I Extension.

And now that you have the list, feel free to spill anything you want.


~ Jenise


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  1. Yeah! nice list but it is to small re read it and It will not enlarge. What is it that I need to do on my end??????? Want to know how to remove Oil from Linen. Nancy:-

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