ironmanYou won’t believe what this kid made with this pile of cardboard…

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Whoa! Tony Stark is going to want Kai-Xiang Xhong on his team. Who is Xhong? Only the phenomenal creator of this amazing Iron Man suit. He’s a student at the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. And while Iron Man’s suit cost Tony Stark a billion dollars to make, Xhong’s suit cost near nothing, except for the time he spent to make it which was nearly a year. But a year very well spent in my opinion. Take a look for yourself then check at the video below where Xhong talks about the suit, along with his other creations. Pretty amazing indeed.


ironman suit 2 ironman suit 3 ironman suit 4 ironman suit 5 ironman suit 6 ironman suit 7 ironman suit 8 ironman suit 9 ironman suit 12 ironman suit 13 ironman suit 14


Check out the video…

Images & video via Stan Winston School of Character Arts and Xhong’s Facebook page.

For More details on actually building an Iron Man suit, The Heroes Workshop has a video blog with details. They made a resin suit and the gentleman who created it says he built it for a friend because “he really needed it.” Think about that one while you check out the vlog…


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