source: homemade-modern.com
source: homemade-modern.com

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When I first came across this chair, I had to google what zip ties were. Now I know they’re those plastic thingies that they use on the T.V. show Cops to handcuff their suspects. So if you have extra zip ties when you’re finished with this project, well, you know. :-)

Anywho, back to this chair. Can you say cool? Can you say modern? Now add easy to the list and you’ve got yourself one of these easy uber modern zip tie chairs. And I mean seriously as easy as cutting some plywood, punching some holes, and zip tying together. No kidding. Watch this 1 minute 39 second video for the low down, then follow the link below for your pattern cutting guide along with more details…


More info Here => EP21 The ZipStich Chair

Now enjoy your chair in all its coolness.


~ Jenise

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