how to make wood slice art

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When it comes to decorating, there are many ways to incorporate nature into your home with the use of wood slices. You can decorate an entire wall with wood slices…

diy wood slice wall


You can create a beautiful garden path with wood slices…

diy wood slice garden path


You can make wood slice coasters…

diy woodslice coasters


You can color the wood slices and make wall art…

painted diy wood slice art


Or you can keep the wood slices in their natural state for your wood slice art creation. That’s what Marji at Ashbee Design blog did when she created this amazing piece of wall art…

diy wood slice wall art

The beautiful thing about creating with wood slices is that it’s easy to do. Plus, if you gather your own branches and small logs, then all your wood slice materials are free. Can’t beat free. When creating your own wood slice art, you can choose to either use a single height for each wood slice piece on a project or use varying heights which will give the piece more texture. Either way it will look fabulous. So check out Marji’s Wood Slice Wall Art Tutorial at Ashbee Design and get well on your way to creating your own amazing piece of wood slice wall art.

And here are some more ideas for decorating with natural woods…

DIY Wood Slice Coat Hanger Tutorial

coat hangers from coasters
source: desertdomicile.com


How To Decorate With Branches

decorating with natural wood
source: sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net


DIY Log Vase

source: funwiththefullwoods.blogspot.com
source: funwiththefullwoods.blogspot.com


How To Make A Tree Stump Side Table

source: theartofdoingstuff.com
source: theartofdoingstuff.com


~ Jenise


additional image sources: decoist.com, shelterness.com, ashbeedesign.com

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