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When I was a kid we would throw a blanket over a table and claim the space as a clubhouse or fort. And whenever some family on the block bought a new refrigerator …oh, I can hardly breath thinking about it… that baby was ours. We’d squish every kid in the neighborhood in. That is, if they had the right password. Well, since my younger days, nothing much has changed. Um, I mean with kids. — I don’t play in boxes any more, well, most of the time. — But if you have kids, then you know that nothing has changed with how much they love their playhouses, clubhouses, and forts. So I’ve put together some really amazing kids playhouses and what’s unique about them is that they are built-in right under a home’s stairs. It’s a great way to utilize that extra space while giving the kiddos their own slice of club house heaven. I would have totally died for one of these when I was a kid. I hope these wonderful playhouses spark your own inspiration to build something really special for the little ones.

diy understair playhouse

source: houzz.com


playrooms under the stairs

source: Murals by Gillian


playrooms under the stairs

source: fecni.blog.hu


playrooms under the stairs

source: houzz.com 


playrooms under the stairs

source: designedtothenines.com


playrooms under the stairs

source: pinterest.com


playhouses under the stairs

Source: Joyful Shout


playhouses under the stairs

source: frugalfancylife.com


playhouses under the stairs

source: designspongeonline.com


playhouses under the stairs

source: derekmdesign.blogspot.com


playhouses under the stairs
source: houzz.com 
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diy rubics cube dresser
source: instructables.com



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34 Comments on 11 Incredible Kids Playhouses Under The Stairs

  1. I love how each of them has a distinct character. My niece and nephews have a play house under their stairs, but it isn’t designed–it’s just painted the same color as everywhere else, but it does have little windows that are fun to crawl through. You know, if I were a kid.
    Just kidding, I totally have crawled through them before.
    Thanks :)

    • How fun Julie! I would have totally died for one of these…um… when I was a kid. Wouldn’t it be fun to at least paint the inside? Maybe they could do one inside wall with chalkboard paint. Doesn’t have to be black either. Chalkboard paint comes in all kinds of colors these days.

  2. these are amazing! Not sure if want to be a kid and could play in one of these or if I want some stairs to make one! wow! Thanks for sharing these playhouses with us at Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  3. These are amazing. I wish we could install on but our stairs are the ceiling to our basement. Ah! I can’t wait to feature you this week. Thanks for linking up to the Project Parade!
    Army Wife to Suburban Life

  4. Genius! Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream’s City of Links last Friday! I appreciate you taking the time to party with me. Hope to see you again this week :)

    • I know! I would have never even thought of it. But I totally love the idea of using the space under the stairs as a playhouse.

  5. Space so often wasted…FABULOUSLY FUN ideas! I especially love the simpleness of the curved stair case. It can grow up and make a great reading nook!

  6. I had also a little house under the stairs where my mother used to put her vacuüm cleaner and other cleaning stuff, it was so tiny but soooooo much fun!!!!
    But this is even a better idea. Thanks!!

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