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Today I’m joining up with some bloggy friends (“some” means 40+ bloggers) to celebrate the 2-year blog anniversary for Bonnie from The Pin Junkie blog. Together we’re hosting a DIY link party. {continue reading...}


Easy DIY No Sew Pillows

When I posted my DIY Doggie Princess Bed (made from an old drawer), I promised a follow-up post on how to make the fab no-sew pillows for the bed. Today I have that tutorial for you.

I am happy to announce that so far my little Lily has given up "her" laundry basket and instead is loving her new bed. She actually couldn't get in it quick enough. The entire time I was working on it, she kept crawling into it. I had to keep taking her out and then she'd sneak right back in the moment I looked away. Read More...

11 Incredible Kids Playhouses Under The Stairs

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When I was a kid we would throw a blanket over a table and claim the space as a clubhouse or fort. And whenever some family on the block bought a new refrigerator …oh, I can hardly breath thinking {continue reading...}

Gorgeous & Amazingly Easy DIY Tree Branch Table

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I’ve come across this gorgeous DIY tree branch table a few times and each time the instructions are in Dutch. So I finally stopped looking for an English translation and instead put together a translation myself. Here {continue reading...}