source: dailyfix.co.za
source: dailyfix.co.za

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I talked a little about some faux finish techniques (here and here), but who would have thought about faux furniture? This is a really fun idea to give a little flare to a floating shelf. To get the image just right onto the wall, the do-it-yourselfer at The Daily Fix used a projector and then traced out the image. I covered how to do that in this post on how to create a wall mural.

You don’t need to stick with a table design. Perhaps that shelf is being carried on the back of an elephant. That could be a cool idea in a kid’s room. And if your shelf is higher up, perhaps it’s being help up by a tall building. You can have lots of fun with this concept. Anything goes.

For a full tutorial on how to make your own dressed up shelf, follow the link below…

Link => http://dailyfix.co.za/crafts/dress-up-a-floating-shelf/

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