How To Make An Edible Fruit Bouquet
How To Make An Edible Fruit Bouquet

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Have you heard of the now very popular Edible Arrangements retailer who makes edible fruit bouquets? Fruit bouquets are a really fun idea to give as a thank you gift or even create for a dinner party or barbecue. But the cost of purchasing one of these edible arrangements is, well, kind of ridiculous. A fruit arrangement about the size of the ones shown above costs around $70. That’s a lot of money for $10 or $15 worth of fruit. So why not do it yourself? (You knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?)

You can easily make your very own DIY edible fruit arrangement. Basically, what you’re doing is placing a piece of floral foam at the bottom of your basket or container. Skewering the fruit pieces and then sticking them into the foam so they stand up. You can view a 6-minuteĀ video tutorial here or a quick and easy picture tutorial here.

Your edible fruit bouquet will make a great table setting for upcoming Memorial barbecues! Bring one as a gift or make one for your own table.


~ Jenise

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    • Hi Tracey, Dipping fruit in lemon will keep it from browning. Also works great for avocado, which of course is also a fruit.

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