How To Heal Cavities Naturally For A Beautiful Smile
How To Heal Cavities Naturally For A Beautiful Smile

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Have you heard of oil pulling? I haven’t until now. It’s an ancient Ayurvedic remedy that using coconut oil (and sometimes other oils) to help heal cavities and dental pain. Trina Holden from Trina Holden blog, along with her husband, used this technique and according to Trina, her husband’s green tooth turned nearly back to white. Imagine that.

I never really even considered that you can heal a rotting tooth, but after reading Trina’s story, it makes sense now. She points out that teeth, which of course are bones, are dynamic because all bones are dynamic. What that means is that they can change structure, becoming more dense or less dense or even growing a spur if consistent pressure is placed in a single area. They can also mend themselves after being broken, regrowing the bone cells and making the broken area even stronger than it was before it was broken. Even after you’re done growing, while your bones may no longer change in length, they can still change in structure.

Now, the low down on coconut oil. I love the stuff. I was first introduced to coconut oil from watching Dr. Oz. Now I use it for cooking (still use olive oil sometimes too) and I even use it on toast instead of butter. It has a lot of health benefits, along with antibacterial properties. So how can it help heal cavities and tooth pain? Well, teeth are porous, just like other bones. So when using coconut oil for your teeth, coconut oil’s tiny molecules are able to be absorbed into the tooth and it’s antibacterial properties then heal the tooth, while at the same time the oil pulls out toxins. At least that’s the theory. I’ve also heard that using coconut oil for oil pulling whitens teeth, which it did for Trina’s husband.

Personally, I’ve only had one cavity so cavity prevention isn’t a concern for me. But I do have a little bit of gum recession in a few molars so I’m going to try this to see if the antibacterial properties are effective for that too.

To learn more about oil pulling to heal cavities and tooth pain, check out Trina’s Healing Cavities–A True Story and here is more info on oil pulling.


~ Jenise

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