Heavy Metal Easter Egg

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I was about to turn in for the evening when I came across this project and I have to say that THIS IS THE ULTIMATE EASTER EGG!!! At least my friends this Brooklyn girl grew up with would agree. The tutorial calls it a punk rock Easter egg. But if you lived the scene then you know it’s a heavy metal egg for sure. And punk was way before my time. Punk was in the 70’s/early 80’s. Then New York hard core took over the 80’s. Although, the Ramones kept on truckin’ for quite sometime until Joey passed away from cancer in 2001. Then CBGB’s finally closed down just a few years later. (That’s a little history lesson.) In any case, you wouldn’t want to get egged by this baby. Want to know how to make one for yourself? Then check this¬†Heavy Metal Easter egg tutorial.



~ Jenise

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