DIY orb light fixture
source: lovelyetc.com

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It is amazing what a little inspiration and $20 can do. This beautiful orb light fixture is the work of Carrie from Lovely Etc. blog. She updated a boring hanging lamp and turned it into a chic chandelier. Her inspiration came from these cool light fixtures…

diy orb light fixtures
source: lovelyetc.com


As you can see, an orb chandelier can go for as much as nearly $300. Ouch! Or, you can do it yourself and save $280. Wow, I’m totally in. And you know what? I think Carrie’s orb chandelier is more attractive than the expensive ones and you certainly can’t beat the $20 price tag. Now, Carrie already had her old light fixture hanging in her home, but if you don’t have one of your own that will work with this design, you can easily pick one up at a thrift store for a few bucks. So if you’re ready for some cool updating, then check out the Easy And Inexpensive DIY Orb Chandelier tutorial at Lovely Etc. blog.

Oh, and remember that AMAZING DIY Painted Stencil Floor that’s painted directly onto the plywood subfloor that I featured a while back? That too was the incredible work of this talented lady so check that out too!

painted stenciled floor
source: lovely etc


~ Jenise

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