14 Completely brilliant Life hacks
14 Completely Brilliant Life Hacks

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1. How To Block Weeds Without Chemicals
You can use wet newspaper to block weeds. It actually works better than most ground covers. Simply place a thick layer of wet newspaper on the ground and then cover with mulch. You can even use it as a base to your garden bed.

2. How To Peel A Kiwi
I love kiwis. But they’re a pain in the rear to peel. I’ve always done it with a vegetable peeler, but here is a much easier way. Simply cut off the ends. Then slip a spoon between the skin and flesh. Slide the spoon all around the circumference of the kiwi until the entire skin is loose. Then just slip the skin right off.

3. Use Conditioner To Shave Your Legs
I’ve been doing this one for years. I can’t even remember the last time I bought shaving cream. Conditioner softens hair. And what’s that stuff growing on your legs? Hair. Works just as well as shaving cream, if not better.

4. Use The Water From Cooking Vegetables To Water Plants
The water that’s left after boiling or steaming vegetables is chock full of nutrients. Your plants will love it. Just remember to cool the water first or you’ll be really sad when you kill everything. Oh, and the next time you clean your fish tank, use that water also for the plants.

5. Lose Something In The Carpet?
Next time an earring falls off, place some pantyhose over the end of a vacuum hose and start vacuuming the area. The vacuum will find it, but the pantyhose won’t let get sucked all the way in.

6. Never Buy Dryer Sheets Again
Run out of fabric softener or dryer sheets? Here’s a simple fix to get rid of static cling from the dryer. Wad up a large ball of aluminum foil and then toss it in your next dryer cycle. It will get rid of the static cling and you can use it for multiple loads. And another alternative to putting fabric softener in the wash is to soak a wash cloth in softener and let it dry. Then use that wash cloth as a dryer sheet alternative. You can probably get a good 10-15 dryer cycles out of it.

7. How To Not Get Your Recipe Cards All Messy During Food Prep
Simply get one of those hangers with the little clippy things on them. Attach your recipe to the clips, then hang the hanger from a cabinet knob.

8. How To Stop Your Boots From Getting Crinkled In The Closet
I love this solution. Simply roll up a newspaper and stick it inside the boots. Perfect.

9. How To Stop Candle Wax From Sticking To Your Candle Holders
I hate having to scrape off excess wax after I’ve burned a candle. So here’s an easy solution so you’ll never have to scrape again. Simply apply some olive oil to the candle holder before you light your candle. When the candle is finished burning, any excess wax will wipe right off.

10. How To De-Stink A Stinky Garbage Disposal
Freeze some vinegar in an ice cube tray. Then next time you use your garbage disposal, drop a few cubes in. The ice helps scrape crud off the blades and the vinegar kills germs and freshens.

11. How To Eliminate Hard Water Build Up In The Shower
I’ve actually done this one and it works like a charm, especially if you have one of those glass showers that you have to squeegee after every time you use it. Simply spray the shower walls and glass with Rain-X. The water will slide right off with no spots left behind.

12. How To Find Your Cellphone OR Get Out Of A Bad Date
If you don’t have another phone to call your cellphone, then go to http://www.wheresmycellphone.com/. Input your cell phone number and the computer will call it for you. Brilliant! Also good to use if you want to get out of a bad date. Just put your number in under the table and let it ring. You’ll suddenly have a huge emergency you’ll need to go deal with.

13. How To Get A Good Travel Deal
A lot of travel websites will track the number of times you’ve visited their site and base prices on that. So clear your cookies if you’re doing multiple searches on a single travel site. I’ve actually used this trick to make multiple bids on priceline.com. I start super cheap and if it’s not accepted, I clear my cookies and then go just a little higher on the next bid. Just keep clearing your cookies for each bid so you don’t pay more than you have to.

14. How To Get Rid Of Kitchen Odors
This tip is great if you’re making something particularly stinky, like fish. After you’ve finished cooking, pour a little vinegar into a pot and let it boil for a few minutes. This will eliminate any odor. What I’ve also done is to boil some cinnamon sticks. Makes the whole house smell like Christmas. It’s also great to do if your realtor is showing your home to buyers. Who doesn’t love that smell?

Now, for the MOST AMAZING hack of all, you have to read How to Heal Cavities. I’m totally serious.


~ Jenise

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