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If you’re a scrap-booker, there’s a good chance you’ve struggled with keeping all your supplies in order. Here’s a great storage idea. This fabulous armoire will keep you highly organized, so you can spend more time to being creative. Check out the following link for more details.

Link —–> My Scrapbooking Armoire as seen in March CK – Two Peas in a Bucket

~ Jenise

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2 Comments on Amazing DIY Scrapbooking Storage Ideas

  1. hi there. I ran acoss the page about your scrapbooking armoire (says as featured on two peas and a bucket but their site is closed so the link was dead – do you have any info describing the unit and how you have it put together or organized ? any help greatly appreciated

    • Hi Amy,
      You can use any storage products in your armoire. The limiting factor is the size of your armoire. You can find various storage products HERE. And just find storage items that fit your cabinet.

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