diy kegerator
diy kegerator

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Got beer? Then I’ve got the ULTIMATE man cave accessory for you: you’re very own DIY kegerator. You’ll be the envy of every guy who’s lady won’t let him go out to play. It’s super fun for parties, card night, or anytime you just want to sit back and enjoy a cold one. So if you want your own kegerator, then check out the DIY Kegerator for Your Homebrew tutorial. Oh, did I say “homebrew”? Well you’re going to need that too so while you’re putting your DIY kegerator together, get your homebrew aging by following this DIY Homebrew Tutorial.

DIY Home Brew
DIY Home Brew


The fun doesn’t stop there, though. I’m going to really set you up now with this DIY Patio Table with Built-In Beer/Wine Cooler

DIY beer cooler table 1
source: domesticated-engineer.com


I think you’re all set now, but let me know if I forgot anything. I’m alway happy to find the next amazing DIY.

~ Jenise

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