How to clean a garbage disposal
How to clean a garbage disposal

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Got stink? I mean kitchen stink? That’s usually the prompt that it’s time to tackle the old garbage disposal. It’s definitely something I don’t do all that often because, well, if you can’t see it then it’s not dirty. Right? Isn’t that how things work? Not to mention that it’s yucky down there. I suppose that’s why the word “garbage” is in the name. But that’s also why we need to clean it.

Personally, I’ve tried grinding lemon rinds in the disposal, pouring vinegar with the tap on and the disposal running, pouring dish soap, etc. Each of those always seem to do half the job. That’s because they don’t actually clean the grinding elements which get all gunky. So I’ve found a great tutorial that will teach you how and no, you won’t have to stick your fingers down there to do it. What’s the secret you ask? You’ll have to check out this How To Clean Your Garbage Disposal tutorial. And don’t forget to check out the comments section because there are also some pretty good tips left by the readers.

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how to clean anything and everything


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