how to make a sliding barn door
image credit: theaccentpiece.com

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Earlier, I wrote about enhancing your home’s beauty with faux exposed wood beams. There’s something about interior wood that brings character and charm to a home. So I started looking for more interior wood inspirations and came across the idea to add sliding barn-style doors to the home. L-o-v-e it! They’re beautiful. They’re rustic. And they improve space utilization because you don’t have to worry about room for the door to swing open. But then I found out that a new barn door with hardware can cost upward of $1500! OMG, not cool. So digging a little deeper I found a great tutorial for making your own sliding barn door; and the cost… about $130 — hardware and all. Nice. Follow the link below for full step by step instructions and enjoy….

Link ==> http://www.theaccentpiece.com/?p=1529


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