source: naturallycre8tive on Etsy
source: naturallycre8tive on Etsy

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I love finding those “why didn’t I think of it” creative ideas and here’s the perfect example. It’s a vintage wooden ladder turned bookshelf! Cool, huh. This particular ladder comes to you via naturallycre8tive on Etsy. It’s $480 — ouch. But why not DIY? (you knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?) All you need is an old ladder or even a new one — although an old paint splattered ladder does add that extra charm — and some wall brackets. Seriously? $480 for that. I mean, it’s really cool. But seriously?

So go buy yourself some brackets. Hang your own ladder. And learn to read. (I’m still working on that last part.  ;-)


~ Jenise

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(Secret: There’s some exclusive content on that thar facebook page…sshhh!…okay, I guess I just ruined the secret.)



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