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I love shrooms! Okay, just kidding. But I do love these shrooms — garden mushrooms, that is. So pretty and so easy to add a little wow to your garden.

Yesterday, I shared a tutorial for making amazingĀ glass garden bird baths and totems

source: fleamarketgardening.org


Well, the technique for making the garden mushrooms is exactly the same. So here’s the low down… First, find some amazing crystal bowls and vases at a garage sale or thrift shop. Turn the bowl upside down and attach it to a vase using a clear silicon adhesive like Marine GOOP. Done. Now place it in your garden so your creepy gnomes can hangout under its shade.

By the way, I saw similar crystal garden mushrooms selling on Etsy for $40-$50 for a set of three. Please. You can make three for 3 bucks by thrifting. Nuff said.

Anywho, here are a bunch more garden shrooms for inspiration…


source: jamaligarden.com
source: jamaligarden.com


source: recreationsinglass.com
source: recreationsinglass.com


source: recreationsinglass.com
source: recreationsinglass.com


And there you have it. Enjoy schrooming!


~ Jenise

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    • That sounds like an awesome idea. Although making them large enough to sit on would probably end up making them a few hundred pounds.

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