diy hanging ruler lamp
source: 101woonideeen.nl

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Check out this really fun ruler lamp for your kids’ room! The tutorial comes from a dutch site, 101woonideeen.nl. I’ve had the tutorial translated and then added a few recommendations of my own.

You’ll need about 20 12″ rulers, some light plywood or particle board, glue gun or other type of glue, a light socket kit, and the two patterns from the dutch site.

Download Pattern #1 (lamp base) and Pattern #2 (lamp top). Transfer patterns to plywood and cut using using a jigsaw, Dremel, etc. You’ll now have the top and bottom of the lamp. The hole in the middle of the top circle is for the light socket fitting. Glue the rulers all around the top and bottom wood rings with a hot glue gun. Attach the cord to the socket and insert the fitting into the corresponding hole in the top wooden circle. And you’re done!

If you don’t want to bother cutting anything, I’ve also seen a tutorial for this hanging ruler lamp that recommends using quilter’s cross-stitch hoops as the frame and then attaching the light socket fitting using wire. Either way will work and your kids will love it!


~ Jenise

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