diy cat litter hideway center
source: chaoticallycreative.com

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First off, just to make this clear, cats are people too! Although, my cat is more a dog than a cat. He constantly wants attention, wants to play, and wants to eat the dog food. Actually, he want’s to eat everything, whereas my pup is the finicky one. Oh, but where was I going with this? Oh yeah, cats… Just like anyone, they need their privacy when doing their business. I mean, wouldn’t you have some performance anxiety if someone was always peeking in on you? So making you kitties their own little hide-away potty area is just the ticket. Not to mention that it sure looks a lot nicer than looking a your cat’s poop. So if you’d like to give your kitty the privacy he or she deserves — and not have to look at your cat’s poop — then check out the DIY Creative Cat Litter Hide-Away Center from the folks over at Chaotically Creative. Your kitty will love you for it!

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