how to make a diy floating butterfly tealight jar

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I found this amazing tealight butterfly jar. The rising heat from the candles will makes the butterflies circle and dance. They’ll really be flying! And you’ll have beautiful butterfly shadows dancing on your ceiling!

The tutorial comes from a Russian website. I had a friend translate so we could all enjoy these amazing dancing butterflies. So here you go…

Watercolor paper
Butterfly stencil
Mason jar
A piece of wire

1. Use the stencil to outline the butterflies on the watercolor paper. Then cut out.

butterfly jar stencil


2. Cut a strip of paper, the length of the circumference of the jar plus 3/4 inch and the height of the jar plus 3/4 inch. Cut one side of the height length into a wave. Glue several butterflies to paper and wrap around jar with the wave at the top. Glue closed.


butterfly jar tutorial


3. Wrap the wire around the neck of the jar and secure. Bend one end of the wire so that it hangs over the neck of the jar at a height of about 6 inches above the jar. Using a needle and thread, pierce through the center of two butterflies and thread. Attach threaded butterflies to the wire.


diy butterfly jar

4. Insert tea light candle.

At 6 inches above the jar the butterflies are high enough not to burn, but alway remember your fire safety and never leave a lit candle unattended. Now, enjoy your beautiful floating butterflies!


how to make a diy floating butterfly tealight jar

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~ Jenise


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  1. This a great craft. It will fit in beautifully with our vacation Bible school lesson, this summer. Thank you.

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