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One woman…One week…$56….Need I say more?!

This is the work of Loraine over at Breakfast For Dinner blog. She did this all by her lonesome. That means not a single man or woman looking for a budget friendly kitchen counter refurb has any reasonable excuse not to get off their patookie and do this.

Butcher block has a lovely vintage feel that brings a natural surface right smack dab in the middle of your busiest room. It will completely transform your kitchen. And for $56… (must I repeat myself) …need I say more?! So go ahead and follow the link below for Loraine’s how-to instructions so you too can be on your way to butcher block heaven…on a budget…

Link==> http://loraine-breakfastfordinner.blogspot.com/search/label/CounterTops


~ Jenise

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