41 clever camping hacks
source: buzzfeed.com

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I grew up in New York City, but then moved out to Salt Lake City for a few years for college and then a bit beyond. Utah has some of the most amazing camping and hiking areas which I took total advantage of. So when I came across these camping hacks, while not all of them are for me, there are definitely some I think are brilliant. I particularly like the solar camping lanterns (for car camping rather than backpacking), how to prevent burrs from sticking to your laces, the oreo marshmallow smores (which I won’t wait for camping to do!), and the convenient duct tape storage idea. I did a lot of river rafting trips while living in Utah and duct tape always comes in handy for something or other when you’re in either a raft or kayak. To see the entire list of camping hack how-to’s, check out these 41 Genius Camping Hacks from Buzzfeed.

While you’re out camping, you’ll definitely want to bring along some of these DIY all-natural mosquito repellant. And don’t forget to arm yourself with these 6 natural ways to relieve mosquito bites.


~ Jenise

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