Paint Color Matching
Paint Color Matching

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I’ve been working on finding just the right paint color for the room where I painted the faux silver leaf doors

DIY Faux Silver Leaf
DIY Faux Silver Leaf


So far I’ve tried two different paint samples (check them out on my Facebook page) and I’m not satisfied with either. My friend recommended this color to compliment the silver…


upcycled diy jewelry hanger from old coat rack
source: tiffany.com


It’s from the tiffany.com website. Pretty, huh? I definitely wanted to give it a try. So I went to Home Depot and asked them to color match the color from my cell phone and I was told that that doesn’t work. They said that due to phone screen resolutions, I probably won’t get an accurate color match. So I thought I’d go home and print out the color sample. Well, then I was told that that won’t work either unless I have a super high resolution professional printer because the pixels can also mess with the color matching. They did ask if I could bring in a Tiffany box to color match it, at which point I just laughed figuring that if I had a few Tiffany boxes laying around the house, my butler would be picking up the samples instead of me.

I did find a color, though, that was pretty close to the Tiffany color and I’ll be trying it tomorrow…


upcycled diy jewely hanger from coat rack
Pantone Beach Glass


It has more green in it than the Tiffany color, but I still really like it. I’ve never gone quite so bold before with a wall color so I’m excited to try it out (and a little nervous). Luckily it’s just a sample. No commitment required at this point. I will definitely keep you posted on how it goes!

[UPDATE: Want to see how the color turned out? Check out the room reveal RIGHT HERE!]

Oh, and before you go, check out my total fun DIY high heel planters. I totally love them!

high heel planter
High Heel Planters


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21 Comments on What I Learned About Paint Color Matching

  1. It’s amazing to me how hard it is to match colors from one brand to another as well. When I did my “green screen” wall in my office I need it to be chroma key green so that I could use it to do video and photo green screen work. I found an actual sample card of an official chroma key green color and since they didn’t carry that kind at Home Depot I went in with it. They pretty much said they couldn’t match it and I would have to find something they already had. I ended up selecting a shade from the Disney line and it’s extremely close. I love the color you chose and can’t wait to see if it’s what you thought it would be.

    • Thank you very much Christa!

      I don’t get it why they couldn’t match a sample card. That’s just dumb! They told me if I had an actual sample that they’d be able to do it. Doesn’t make any sense. But I can imagine how frustrated you were, cause I definitely was.

  2. I been dealing a lot with paint lately. I find the people behind the desk will say different things all the time of what they can and can’t do. For instance, one lowe’s I went to only gave me the option of trying to recolor my purchased paint, and another store let me return it (by funny luck because the guy behind the counter told me to bring it back when I went to purchase a new one). I have heard that the color matching systems are pretty limited. I once did a match on some old paint but I painted an extra sheet of cardstock when I did the original paint job. It did come out great.

    • Glad it came out great! What’s funny is they’ll say they can do anything, until you actually need them to. :-)

  3. Paint colours are a pain! We had all kinds of trouble choosing a “white” for our house, because the colour kept changing depending on the room and time of day. (And by we, I mean me. I’m a fussy bugger!)

    I do love the colour you are trialling, I think it will look fab against the silver doors.

    (popping by from Say G’day Saturday)

    • Thanks so much! I know. Time of day is another problem. That’s why it took me six different paint samples when I painted the dining room!

  4. I find matching paint samples to be really challenging! I can see what they mean from using a screen and also a printer.

    Good luck with the sample you picked up. I love those high heel planters by the way! So very cute.

    Visiting from the Sat G’Day party!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  5. Benjamin Moore has a great mobile app that helps you match paint colors to real life things. Of course, they only match them up to Benjamin Moore colors, but Home Depot can match those and I think they even have some in their computers. I LOVE the color you chose and I think it will look amazing with those silver leaf doors.

    • Thanks Jen! Good info to know! I’ll have to check out the app. …and I just posted the reveal of the room with the new color!

  6. I don’t know how the technology of their color matching system works, but I can see why a print (comprised of pixels) wouldn’t work well.

    I tried color matching twice: once at Lowe’s and once at Home Depot. Lowe’s was with another company’s paint card (and it wasn’t exact but pretty close). Home Depot was spot on and it was with paint color I mixed myself. So my suggestion is if you have the basic components of the color you want (i.e. for yours, cool green, cool blue, white) to experiment on big pieces of paper by mixing your own color. Then you can tape that color to the walls to see how it changes in different light. And then take that to your paint store to color match!

    BTW, the color looks great with the silver doors. Great job!

    • Thank you so much! Yeah, the big pieces of paper sound like a REALLY good idea. Then I wouldn’t have to prime the wall (like I did this time) to cover the big paint splotches I made when trying out the sample colors.

  7. I actually have a Tiffany box…saved for 35 years.

    I drove around and collected paint chips from everywhere. EVERYWHERE!

    Benjamin Moore Scuba Green (2046-50) is an exact match.

    If you want to dye fabric, RIT has a recipe for Tiffany Box Blue:
    Aquamarine (Liquid): 1/2 bottle (4 oz.)
    Teal (Powder): 3/16 teaspoon

    • Suzanne, Thank you so much. This is great info! The color I used has slightly more green in it than the Tiffany color. I love it, but I think I’d even love it more with the exact match. I wish I knew about the Benjamin Moore color before. But I’m so glad you told me, because I might use the color for another project I’m thinking of.

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