Easy DIY No Sew Pillows

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Next, I would like to apologize for taking so long since my last post. I was having technical difficulties with the blog ever since the WordPress 4.0 update last week and it took quite a bit of trouble shooting between myself and my awesome tech guy. Happily, he figured it out last night and now I’m back in the game!

When I posted my DIY Doggie Princess Bed (made from an old drawer), I promised a follow-up post on how to make the fab no-sew pillows for the bed. Today I have that tutorial for you.

I am happy to announce that so far my little Lily has given up “her” laundry basket and instead is loving her new bed. She actually couldn’t get in it quick enough. The entire time I was working on it, she kept crawling into it. I had to keep taking her out and then she’d sneak right back in the moment I looked away.

diy dog beddiy dog beddiy dog beddiy dog bed

At first I thought she was only interested in it because I was so completely involved with it and she was trying to get my attention. But now I’m convinced that she knew I was making it for her all along.

I made two pillows for her throne dog bed. One I used as the main bed cushion. The second pillow is a decorative roll pillow. She is using the “decorative” pillow as a real pillow to lay her head on… total melt my heart cuteness, but I might be a little biased.

Anyways, how do you make a no-sew pillow in five minutes? Well, remember the No-Sew Head Board Slip Cover that I made? Same technique. Oh, and see that pillow on the bed? It’s also a no-sew pillow!

DIY No-sew drop cloth rosette headboard slip cover

Now, to refresh your memory, I had found these awesome hot glue gun glue sticks made specifically for fabrics. After applying the hot glue to the fabric, it’s flexible and washable and all around awesome for the sewing impaired, i.e., me.

DIY No-sew headboard slip cover

To make my cushion pillow, I measured the area of Lily’s bed where the pillow would go (it was 13″ x 14″). I added 2 inches to each side so there would be enough room for the seam and for loft and then I cut two pieces of 17″ x 18″ size fabric. Of course, select the size appropriate for you.

After you cut your fabric to the appropriate size, lay the front and back pieces together with the inside of the fabric facing out.

Run a glue bead along the edge of what will be the outside of the pillow.


Easy DIY No Sew Pillows


Lay the opposite side of the pillow fabric (outside in) against the glue bead and press down.

Repeat on the remaining three sides, only on the last side of the pillow, only run the glue bead about three quarters of the length and adhere. Wait a minute or two. Then start stuffing your pillow through the remaining opening.


Easy DIY No Sew Pillows


After the pillow is stuffed, continue the glue bead along the opened length of the last side of the pillow and adhere the opposite side to close the opening.


Easy DIY No Sew Pillows


Done! You have just finished your super easy DIY no-sew pillow!

Now, you do have the option to take your fabulous no-sew pillow one step further by picking up a needle and thread and sewing on buttons to create tufting, the way I did. But it’s not necessary. Your pillow is fabulous just the way it is!


Easy DIY No Sew Pillows



I followed up my big cushion pillow with a fun no-sew roll pillow. Here’s how….

Decide how long and how wide you want your DIY no-sew roll pillow. For whatever width you want, double the inches and then add about 2 more inches before cutting. For example, I wanted my pillow to be about 4 inches wide. So I doubled that to 8 inches, then added 2 more inches for the seam and loft for a total of 10 inches.

For the length, add about 4-6″ to the desired length. For example, I wanted my no-sew roll pillow to be 12 inches long, so I cut the length at 18 inches.

To sum it up, for my 4″ wide by 12″ long roll pillow, I cut my material at 10″ x 18″.

Once you have your fabric cut, run a hot glue bead close to the edge of the fabric along the length of one side, on the outside of the fabric.


Easy DIY No Sew Pillows


Then, place the opposite side over the bead and press to adhere.

The fabric I was using gave me really straight cut lines and the edges didn’t run, so for me there was no need to hem the outside length edge. But if you choose to hem your edge you can do that with the fabric glue using the same technique.

Once you have the length sealed, tie a ribbon around one end of the pillow to close that end.


Easy DIY No Sew Pillows


Stuff your pillow with filling.


Easy DIY No Sew Pillows



When you’re satisfied with the loft of your roll pillow, tie a ribbon around the opposite end. And you’ll have your brand spankin’ new handy dandy DIY no-sew roll pillow!


Easy DIY No Sew Pillows



Easy DIY No Sew Pillows


Easy DIY No Sew Pillows


And there you have it! I hope this tutorial has inspired you to make something fabulous!!! And don’t forget to check out the full DIY Princess Doggie Bed From An Old Drawer tutorial!





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    • Oh, I hadn’t thought of for gifts, but you are so right! Now I’m getting tons of ideas of particular colors and patterns I could use to match nicely with some friends’ decor. Thank you Deb!

    • What Sarah? You don’t have a glue gun?!!!! Lol. I have to say that mine has been one of the best additions to my little tool arsenal!

    • Thank you so much Kim! I’m totally loving the fabric glue and finding there are tons of things I can make with it. Whoever invented it is a genius.

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