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I can vouch for this teeth whitening solution. I tried it a few months ago and it definitely works. You simple brush your teeth with a tumeric and water paste. But be forwarded that anything the paste touches will turn yellow, except your skin. For some reason it doesn’t effect the skin, which seems counter intuitive since tumeric can be used as a dye. But it works. Be fore warned, though, that the bristles of your tooth brush will forever be yellow and you’ll likely have to give your sink a good cleaning. To see exactly how it’s done, take a look at the following video tutorial…



Tumeric can also used to make a clarifying face mask. Particularly, in India brides use it on the face before their wedding for perfect skin. The mask brightens dark circles, helps eliminate acne and moisturizes the skin. If anyone is interested in seeing a tumeric face mask tutorial, shoot me over a note (facebook, twitter, or contact tab) and I’ll be sure to post one.


~ Jenise

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