source: Eric Langert
source: Eric Langert

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Check out these garden alligators. On a quick glance they could actually pass as real. And if you live in Florida, your neighbors might be calling animal services to report these creepy crawlers in your yard. Fortunately, no one need worry about losing a leg, arm, or head. These alligators are the work of Swedish artist Eric Langert (http://www.langert.se/) and I think they’re the coolest thing ever and a very creative way to upcycle some old tires.

If you want to make your own, you’ll need several tires in different sizes. Cut open the largest tire and flatten it out. The larger the tire, the longer the alligator. Cut one side open and cut in the teeth. Use the smaller tires for the arms and legs and attach them to the body using a heavy epoxy. To bend the arms and legs, make a slit in the tire where you want the joint to be, bend the joint and epoxy it in place. You can also keep your alligator standing (see the rear alligator). To do this, cut the small tire into quarters and epoxy it on the way it shows in the picture.

There you have it. Now invite some friends over for a back yard barbecue so you can scare the crap out of them. No, no. I’ve got a better idea. if you’ve got a dog, then right after you get your alligator set up, throw a piece of bacon into its mouth. When the pup sticks its head into the mouth start screaming bloody murder. Then watch your spouse and kids come running outside in horror. Yup. That’s what you should do. And make sure you get it on video so you can send it into America’s Funniest Videos and win $10,000!  :-)

Cheers and Enjoy!

~ Jenise

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