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I’ve covered some pretty cool stenciling projects in the past, like How To Stencil Your Floors

painted stenciled floor
source: lovelyetc.com


…and a table top stencil project that mimics indian inlay mother or pearl

indian inlay 2
source: domesticimperfection.com


Both of those projects came out great. Now I have a completely innovative stenciling idea to share. Instead of purchasing stencils to give your decor an amazing upgrade, try stenciling with lace. Cool idea, huh?


source: kjohnson88.blogspot.com


That’s what Kelsey at kjohnson88.blogspot.com did. Inspired by her mentor, she completely updated an old dresser with some spray paint and lace. Super easy and it came out wonderful. Do you want to know how she did it? Well, I’ve got her full step by step tutorial you. Simply follow the link below to learn how you can create your own lace furniture masterpiece…

Tutorial => http://kjohnson88.blogspot.com/2012/01/lace-dresser.html



~ Jenise

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