source: sowanddippity.com
source: sowanddippity.com

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I think I’m really getting into this thing called Spring because my eyes seem to keep heading toward do it yourself projects for the garden. But I promise to continue getting a good mix of all kinds of DIYs.

My latest find are these awesome garden spoon flowers. They are the work of Tuula over at Thrifty Rebel blog. When I first saw them I thought: hmmm, you’re gonna need a welding torch to put that together and a pair of heavy shears. But I was so wrong on both. There’s no metal cutting and no pyrotechnics involved. Some of the designs require simply bending the spoons to take shape and they’re held together with a super strong, clear adhesive called Marine GOOP. Tuula used a very creative item for the center of the flowers and was pretty ingenious with how she put them all together. For Tuula’s full spoon garden flower tutorial, just follow the link below…

Tutorial ==> The Thrifty Rebel: How to Make Fresh Cut-lery Flowers


~ Jenise




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