source: chasingtumbleweed.com
source: chasingtumbleweed.com

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When you purchase a mattress set, it usually comes with a basic frame so it’s easy to put off buying a nice head board to go with it, especially when a headboard can cost in the hundreds of dollars. I know I went without a headboard for years. Then I stuck one (actually one and a half — got ’em on sale!) of those faux Asian rice paper screens behind the bed for what I thought was a pretty cool look. But it you want something a little more substantial and permanent, building your own wood board headboard is a great answer. It’s as easy as screwing some boards on to an easy frame and staining. Just follow the link below for the tutorial. Then build your perfectly rustic wood board headboard…

Link==> http://www.chasingtumbleweed.com/?p=1919

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