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I recently started looking into stenciling. I was pretty wowed when I found the beautiful indian inlay stenciled table that I shared with you here. Now I’m again floored by this amazing stencil project. Jil, over at letsbecrafty.com did a number of things different than was done on the indian inlay project. First, she stenciled using wood stain rather than paint, something I wouldn’t have thought to do. Second, she reverse stenciled, meaning she stained the outside of the image rather than the inside. Pretty cool. Using her incredible skills, she turned a $7 thrift store find into an amazing piece of art. It is really gorgeous. To find out how she did it, follow the link below…

Link=> http://www.letsbecrafty.com/1/post/2012/03/stained-tree-side-table.html

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