source: snippetsofdesign.com
source: snippetsofdesign.com

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Take a look at this gorgeous interior brick wall. Oops, I mean faux brick wall — I forgot because I couldn’t tell the difference! It’s the creation of Amber from snippetsofdesign.com. She’d been dying to add interior brick, but didn’t want to bother with the cost or the hassle of the install. So she found an awesome alternative: faux brick. She installed four panels of faux brick onto the wall. Was it easy? You bet. She simply nailed them on. That’s it…

source: snippetsofdesign.com
source: snippetsofdesign.com


The only problem was that the faux brick didn’t give her the vintage look she was craving. Her solution… grout the faux brick. Genius….

source: snippetsofdesign.com
source: snippetsofdesign.com


Her cost? About ~$100.  Was it easy? You betcha.

I’ve got all the details for you on both her easy faux brick install and her grouting adventure. Simply follow the links below…

Install Info => DIY Brick Wall {Really, it was so easy!} | Snippets of Design

Grouting Info ==> DIY Vintage Faux Brick Wall | Snippets of Design

There you have it! Enjoy!

~ Jenise

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