source: atlantictrampolines.co.uk
source: atlantictrampolines.co.uk

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I don’t happen to have an old trampoline in my back pocket. But if you do… then that’s a mighty big back pocket…um, I mean.. and say, it’s been damaged by a big ‘ole storm (we’ve had lots of them this year), then I’m here to tell you that you’re in luck. Not because you have a damaged trampoline, but because I’ve got some great ideas for what to do with it. Actually, it’s Atlantic Trampolines that has the ideas. I’m just the middle guy…I mean gal. So check them out. I mean who couldn’t use a trampoline hanging bed? Looks awfully comfy. Follow link below for more ideas….

Link ==> Trampoline Uses – Recycle Trampoline | Atlantic Trampolines Blog


~ Jenise

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