Update An Old Chandelier With Colorful Beads

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diy beaded chandelier


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When I saw this beaded chandelier from, it made me think of the chandelier planter project that I posted a while back…



The modcloth chandelier costs $160, whereas the chandelier planter was thrift store bought and spray painted. Much better deal. And it got my wheels turning — scary. But they turn slowly, very slowly. Rust. Anywho, I started thinking: what if you were to hang beads on that chandelier planter? Or even better, instead of turning that old chandelier into a planter, keep it as a light fixture and simply spray paint it the way the planter is spray painted and then string colorful beads to it. You’ll end up with a cool shabby chic light fixture. And what’s really cool is that there are so many options with beading with all the size, shape, and colors that your creativity will really shine through.

Then, of course I had to go looking for beads. Here are some that I thought would look awesome strung on a chandelier or chandelier planter (pics are clickable for more info)…

Crackle Lampwork Round Glass Beads…

Transparent Pony Beads…

Faceted Acrylic Beads…

Classic Crystal Chandelier Chain…


I hope I’ve inspired you to get creative beading an old chandelier. So try it out and post a pic on my facebook page. I’d love to see how this community’s wheels turn.


~ Jenise

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