How To Really Have Fun With Friends

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put the cell phones away


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This picture reminds me of a trip I took to Las Vegas a few years ago for a girls weekend. The friends I was with each came from different parts of the country and none of us had seen each other in quite a while. We were out to dinner one evening at an amazing restaurant and the three other ladies I was with were on their new smart phones. I, however, was still using a stupid phone so I felt like I was sitting all alone as each of them read and scrolled and browsed. I finally said, “enough,” and told them (yes, told) to put down their phones so we can actually talk. They all did and no one picked up their phones again during the entire dinner and we had a great time. My point is that while our phones are fun, our friends are a lot more fun and they give us a lot more than any electronic device ever can. So, as hard as it may be, put down your phones sometimes and enjoy living life.


~ Jenise

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