Thanks for stopping by today to check out some Halloween fun. As ya’ll know, I love working with concrete. So just a quick reminder to check out more of my concrete fun when you’re all done with today’s tutorial!.

DIY Concrete


Now, onto the show!!!


Halloween craft DIY Concrete Tombstone

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It’s that time of year when all things frightful come creeping, crawling, slithering, and squirming out of every dark corner. Not only is Halloween right around the corner, but next week is the season premier of Walking Dead! I’ve been waiting for this for MONTHS!

So with all the fun scary stuff going on, I got my DIY groove on and jumped on board. You all know how much I love working with concrete/cement, with all its endless possibilities. Well my latest concrete project is a DIY concrete tombstone. And this is just about the easiest DIY project you’ll come across. I’m talking putting in about 10 minutes of your time. So easy. So let’s jump right into this super easy tutorial.

To make your DIY concrete tombstone, you’ll need:

1. Rapid Set Cement All (You can read about why I love this stuff here)

2. 11″ x 17″ baking pan

3. Dust Mask

4. Screw driver

5. WD-40 or similar

Now, if you recall, last week I completed this DIY concrete & PVC bar stool



To make the seat portion of the stool I used the same baking pan that I used for the tombstone, so I already had it on hand. Plus, I already had the Cement All. So this project cost me zero dollars. (I like to think that in some ways that saves me money. Right? …Right?)




Step 1: Wearing your dust mask, mix your Cement All according to instructions (3 parts cement; 1 part water). I tend to like adding a little extra water. It makes it easier to pour.


diy concrete hand planter 19


Step 2: Spray your pan with oil. I like using WD-40, but you can use cooking oil or PAM.

Step 3: Pour the mixed Cement All into the pan.

Halloween craft DIY Concrete Tombstone


Step 4: Wait. No, seriously…wait about 15 minutes for the Cement All to start to set. If you start carving your words into the cement before it sets, it’ll fill right back in…like this….

Halloween craft DIY Concrete Tombstone


What can I say, I’m not a patient person.

Step 5: But once the cement started to set, I used a screw driver to carve out the inscription. You literally have to dig out the cement with your screw driver (see the little pile of cement pieces on the left)…

Halloween craft DIY Concrete Tombstone


Now, confession time… I forgot to spray my baking pan with oil (I did say I can be a little impatient, didn’t I?) so after my cement dried (in about an hour), it was pretty well stuck in there. When I used the same pan for the seat of my concrete & PVC bar stool, I gave it a good coat of oil and when the Cement All dried I just tilted the pan and the cement slab just slid right out.

This time, without the oil coat, I had to tug at the edges pretty hard to loosen the slab and I even chipped some of the edges a bit.


Halloween craft DIY Concrete Tombstone


Luckily, I didn’t mind the chips because they worked well with this being an old tombstone and all.

Next, chop somebody up, bury them in the ground, and… okay, just kidding. That probably wouldn’t be cool. So instead, just stick your tombstone in the dirt and you’re good to go.

Here’s the final result…


Halloween craft DIY Concrete Tombstone


I know what you’re saying…. “ooooh, scary.”  …Am I right?

Oh, and then I made some creepy zombie hands to go with it. (Zombie hands tutorial here.)


Halloween craft DIY Concrete Tombstone


So now we’ve got a zombie Jack The Ripper crawling out of his grave.


Halloween craft DIY Concrete Tombstone


But don’t get your panties up in a bunch…it’s all make believe (in case you couldn’t tell).

If you’re looking for more fun Halloween crafts, check out HOW TO PUT A SEVERED HEAD IN A JAR.

severed Head In Jar Collage


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DIY Concrete

There you have it folks. Oh, and by the way, this is NOT a sponsored post. Just loving’ me the Cement All.




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    • Well, it’s only about 1-inch thick so you can easily stick it in the back of a closet, under a bed, or even slide it behind the sofa. Or, since it’s seriously so easy and inexpensive to make, toss it and make a new one next year…that is, if there is a next year….you know, after the zombie apocalypse and all. :-)

  1. This is so awesome! I love how you used the concrete hand idea that’s going around for gardens for the zombie hands. Duh, Beth, obvious! I’m definitely going to do this next year! I love Halloween so much!

    Pinning so I won’t forget!

    Beth at LWC Wonderland

    • Thank you so much Beth! I’m so glad you like it! You’ll have so much fun next year with your tombstones! Have a fun and scary Halloween!

    • Thank you so much Jann! Wooden tombstones sound pretty cool and creepy too! And thank you for hosting each week. It’s always a pleasure stopping by!

  2. Concrete is all the rage right now, isn’t it?? This is such a fun idea for Halloween- and I am like you, SO NOT PATIENT when it comes to concrete. :) Thank you for swinging by Snickerdoodle Sunday with your latest make- I hope you’ll come back next time! :)

    Sarah (Sadie Seasongoods)

    • Thanks so much Sarah! One of the great things for us impatient folks is that Cement All sets and cures faster than most any cement that you’ll find so quick and easy. Will definitely keep stopping by Snickerdoodle Sunday. Always a pleasure. Thanks!

  3. Visiting from Inspire Me Monday. This is just too easy! This year will be my son’s last year trick or treating. He’s already saying that next year he wants to do a haunted house on the front lawn and porch for the trick or treaters. I’m gathering up inexpensive, easy ideas. Pinning! And thank you!

    • Last year of trick or treating?!! Well, next year sounds like it’ll be fun too. He can still dress up as something. Maybe even pretend to be a statue on the lawn and when the trick or treaters come up to your stoop, he can come alive and freak them all out. You can even make your lawn an entire grave yard. Oh, so many ideas! Well, all my best wishes for his last trick or treating. But there’s is still so much fun to be had!

  4. I love this concrete tombstone! And the hands sticking out of the ground are so creepy! Perfect for Halloween! Thanks for sharing this fun tutorial at The Pin Junkie. It’s being featured at tonight’s party!

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