How To Make DIY Fabric covered storage boxes

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Today we are getting organized. Or at least I am getting organized. Or, well, I’m trying. You see, my DIY supplies are all over the place…a few boxes in the family room, a bunch of stuff on a shelf in the dining room, and a few more boxes in a bedroom. And none of it is organized. So when I need something, I end up looking in at least three different places. Then there are those occasions when I casually place my tape measure in some random spot and then spend two hours looking for it. Ugh.

So I finally decided to give myself a kick in the rear and get my stuff all organized in one place. I picked this sad little corner in the family room where some of my boxes already lived.


How To Make DIY Fabric covered storage boxes


Notice the silver underlayment in the lower left hand corner. I have to guiltily admit that I haven’t quite finished the job of laying the floor, which I started months ago. Most of it is done, except the areas around some doors. Here’s another admission: I hate doing the areas around the door jambs. It’s kind of tricky, at least for me. So there’s a bunch of unfinished door areas of floor around a bunch of different door jambs.

When I finished reviving this storage space, it looked so nice, except for the unfinished floor. So I was motivated to go back and finish it…finally! You’ll see the finished floor section in my after pictures. But you will also notice that…oops…I still need to add the quarter-round molding along the floor moldings. I keep telling myself I’ll do it as soon as all the door jambs are done. I guess we can all see how far that’s gotten me. So for now, let’s just pretend I didn’t even bring that up. Instead, let’s talk DIY fabric covered storage boxes.

My fabric storage boxes cost me zero dollars! Yay, can’t beat free.

I started out with this mess of boxes…


How To Make DIY Fabric covered storage boxes


I had a bunch of drop cloth fabric left over from my last project: a DIY Song Lyric Wall Art piece…


DIY Lyric wall art
DIY Song Lyric Wall Art


So I used a hot glue gun to cover the boxes with the drop cloth.


How To Make DIY Fabric covered storage boxes


The handles are made of twine that I had in one of my piles. I braided the twine to make it thicker. Then punched holes through the boxes, pushed the twine through, and knotted the twine on the inside.


diy fabric storage boxes


You can see that I also lined the inside of the boxes.

The little decorative ring encircling the twine are punched from paint chips that I had collected when I was trying to pick a color for the guest room. (You can check out the guest room color reveal here.)




For the box labels, I painted the panel of a cereal box with chalkboard paint that I had left over from my DIY chalkboard project.




Then I cut the painted panel into strips and adhered them to the boxes and labeled each box.


How To Make DIY Fabric covered storage boxes



How To Make DIY Fabric covered storage boxes


My parents had an old shelf that wasn’t being used and it was the perfect size to fit into the little corner where I had all my junk. Check it out!


How To Make DIY Fabric covered storage boxes


How To Make DIY Fabric covered storage boxes


Here’s the before and after pictures of my previously sad little corner…


How To Make DIY Fabric covered storage boxes


Much better, don’t you think? And notice my finished floor (sans the quarter round which will be put in…eventually).

If I were to do it again, the one thing I would do differently is that I’d cut down the boxes to the same height so that they looked more uniform. But overall, I’m pretty happy with my updated corner. I’m thinking I may even make some fabric covered lids for the boxes so they look even more tidy.

I’m also thinking of painting some designs on the boxes. Perhaps a light blue chevron pattern would give the boxes a bit more interest. I haven’t quite decided yet.

So there you have it: super easy and cheap DIY storage using fabric covered boxes.

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    • Thank you Jayaleen! I kinda stuck with a neutral, but you can also try using some colorful fabric to complement you decor.

  1. Great idea!! I love that you can get the look of those fancy-shmancy store-bought storage boxes without the expense! Thanks so much for sharing over at Mamas Blog Central otherwise I might never have found your tutorial. :)

    • Thanks so much Candy. Yep, those store-bought boxes are expensive. It really gets me how much they charge for something that’s so easy to make. I had all the materials on hand so it cost me nothing. And part of the beauty of making your own is that you can select any color or print fabric to go with your own decor.

  2. This is one of those projects that I must do. It would be a great way to use up some of those diaper boxes I have sitting around and organize my kids junk. I hope to see you over at the link party today!

    • Thanks Ginger. Not to mention that it’s really easy and you can use any kind of decorative fabric too to complement you current decor. And thanks for the invite. We are all linked up. :-)

    • Thank you Kim! And the heavy canvas material also fools you into thinking they’re something more expensive.

    • Thank you Jen! And I love your barn doors. The color you picked is fabulous. And can’t wait to see the clock makeover!

    • You are so welcome Sherry! A fun idea for the sewing room would be doing a patch-work fabric cover with your scraps.

  3. totally awesome upcycle/recycle job here! It would have never occurred to me to cover those boxes and you did a bang up job, above and beyond! I think they are fine different sizes, gives more interest :) Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Thank you so much Tanya. And I will definitely share if I do make changes. They’ve been growing on me though. :-)

  4. Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream’s City of Links last Friday! I loved this post so much that I chose it to be featured for this weeks party. :) Go grab a button you deserve it!

  5. Just the idea I need for a tiny, storage lacking bathroom! I’m putting a storage shelf over the door and want to put some baskets or boxes on it to put excess things like extra TP, towels, etc. Now I know what I will do, thanks to you. And I can cover them with a cloth that goes with my color scheme, too. The little handle idea is great for me, too, as that makes it easier to get the boxes down from over the door. Thanks!

    • Thanks Bonny. I’m so glad it works for you! I love hearing that one of my projects has helped someone else solve a problem. I hope your bathroom storage turns out totally fab!

  6. I can’t figure out how you did the ends — it’s not wrapped like a package with the ends folded in and glued upwards….do tell!! I need a step-by-step, apparently. (!) Thanks.

    • Hi, It took a bit of trial and error to get fabric on neatly. I’m going to send you a step-by-step to the email address on your comment. Please let me know that you got it and do let me know if you have more questions after getting it. Thanks so much!

    • Oh my goodness Kathryn, I’m totally thrilled!! Thank you so much for featuring my DIY storage boxes! I’m really honored. Can’t wait to stop by!!!

    • Hi Katrina,
      What I did was I started with a giant square of the fabric and sat the box on top of it. I folded the right and left side up over the lip and glued them down. So now you have two opposite sides attached and two opposite sides loose. On the loose sides, you’ll have excess fabric hanging off the sides. Fold that fabric in then lift those sides straight up over lip and glue down. Does that make sense?

    • Thank you so much Feliz! It’s always a thrill to hear that! I’ll do my best to keep coming up with fun ideas. :-)

  7. These boxes look amazing and I can store so many stuff inside. I like to be organized and everything to be stored in a correct place. I will definitely try to make like these boxes, and I hope to get the results that you did! Greetings

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