diy concrete lamp

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When you think of concrete, you usually think of the stuff sidewalks are made of. Well, you’re right. But recently, concrete has taken a step forward in the architectural and design world and is now taking center stage. What was once old is now new and not just new, but uber modern. Take for example this concrete lamp. It’s the work of Ben over at Homemade Modern blog. Looks hard right? After all, it’s concrete. Wrong. Well, it is concrete, but this lamp so easy to make. It’s cast using a half gallon milk carton. The hardest part is drinking the half gallon of milk. Then all you need is a few pounds of cement and a light kit, both available at any hardware store and Ben will take you through all the easy steps. His tutorial comes via this quick 2:39 video…

And ladies, he’s kinda cute, too. Plus, Ben’s got some other great projects. So I’d recommend heading on over to his blog at www.homemade-modern.com to check them out.


DIY Concrete


~ Jenise

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