DIY handrail grill
DIY handrail grill

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I came across this hanging handrail grill (right) on Pinterest. It’s called the BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill and it’s sold out of Germany for 59 Euros (with today’s exchange rate that’s over $80 US dollars). It’s a great idea to use for small patio spaces. But the price is a bit exorbitant for a tiny coal burning barbecue. So I started looking for alternatives and found this rectangular metal rail planter (left) from CB2. It’s much more reasonably priced at $21.95. Then all you need is to place a metal grill over the top and you’ll be good to go.

I’ve also got the best idea for starting your charcoals. Check out the Easy Egg Carton BBQ Fire Starter. There is a little something more you’ll need to know to get your fire started so make sure to visit the page for full detail.

egg carton bbq starter
source: sewmanyways.blogspot.co.uk


There you have it. Enjoy your new DIY handrail barbecue grill!


~ Jenise

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